A significant day

Today is a significant day in my life.

I have always had the goal of being a writer of fiction since childhood. A serious writer. A published writer of novels and possibly short stories and narratives. Writing fiction has been on the backburner for a long time. In recent times, I’ve felt more stories bubbling to the surface.

So this blog is a step towards making the dream a reality.

Why was today so significant? A Readers and Writers Festival was held in our small rural town, giving the locals unparalleled opportunities.

The inspiration of a workshop with author, Morris Glietzman, was a highlight. Following that with some information about online presence has pushed me to move to the next stage, creating this blog.

There were so many workshops and talks to choose from and every one of them would have been great.

My motto in life is ‘You learn something new every day’. Today feels like so many new things have arrived all at once. It’s like Christmas.